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"Ed, this is the book I wish I’d had to read one day before my son was born.”

Bobb Biehl - Executive Mentor, Scottsdale, Arizona

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"Too many men believe the key to becoming strong and godly husbands and fathers is to work harder and do more. But in this inspiring new book, and course Ed Tandy McGlasson encourages us first to humbly receive what Christ has given us. From there, our most important relationships can thrive as we live out of the love and blessings God has bestowed so freely upon us.”  

Jim Daly - President, Focus on the Family

“There are few jobs more important than being a father. But so many dads feel unequipped and a bit overwhelmed by the responsibility. Ed Tandy McGlasson provides a deeply personal, practical, and biblical approach to the task. In a warm and vulnerable voice, he guides all fathers to the principles and tools that will help. Highly recommended.” 

John Townsend, Ph.D.  - Author of the New York Times Bestselling Boundaries series - Founder of the Townsend Institute for Leadership and Counseling

“The Bible is known to be the best-selling book of all time, rightly so... I would impress upon you that How To Become The Husband and Father Your Family Needs, is right under that best-selling book! Without question, every Father, Son, Brother, Grandfather, and MAN should read this book!! The message is profound, deeply touching, and one of our time's most penetrating and important books. The unparalleled message of the Father’s Blessing is one that cannot be silenced, our lives depend on it. If you love the men in your life, you will put this book in his hands.” 

Debbie Rasa - Owner/Partner of Rasa Floors

This is for you whether you are married or single:

  • Discover more of the power of God's blessing in your life

  • Know how to heal and forgive your father

  • Learn how to be the best father you can be to your children

  • Have more love and passion with your wife

  • Learn how to finally forgive and be forgiven so you can bring God's peace in your life and home  

 More of What Others Are Saying…

“In the NFL, you could always tell the ballplayers who were raised without the blessing of the father. They were weak, they complained, they were easily distracted, they lashed out, they were empty shells. When a son or daughter has been blessed by the father, they are strong, capable, they grow, they learn, they help and they serve. God gave us an example. Thanks, Ed for taking this most courageous...

Brian Holloway - former NFL New England Patriots All-Pro. Stanford. Harvard. Wharton.

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About Our Coach:

Hi, I’m Ed McGlasson!

I was there for the birth of all my children, but I struggled with becoming a good father after they were born. My biological father died a military hero before I was born. Enter my stepfather (also in the military), who was primarily absent, traveling to serve our country.

My stepfather knew how to push me to overcome my fears, yet he struggled to understand how to be a present father. I have always known that he loved me, but like many dads, he pushed me toward my dreams without knowing how to build a healthy relationship with me. 

He struggled to be a dad because his father didn't know how to be a good father to him. 

And guess what happened?

I was a wreck. I wasn’t being the husband and father I needed to be to my wife and children. I was going to bed unhappy and not understanding why I felt this way, and I knew that something was majorly missing in my heart that was keeping me from being there for my family. Then one day I realized something… I hadn’t truly received the love and security of the one true Father. I realized I had to allow God to truly come into my life to heal and change my heart and accept him — not just as a sovereign God and creator, but as a FATHER.

In doing this, I was able to receive the blessing and guidance of a father AND the knowledge of what was needed to change and restore the relationship with my family. But I didn’t want to just stop there. As of today, one in four children go to bed without a father in the home, and this isn’t brand new news either. Generation after generation, so many of us have been without a father who didn’t teach us how to love and bless our own children. I knew that this wasn’t just a message for me but for so many others.

Fast forward...

I’ve been able to work with men all over the world and transform thousands of lives. I’ve authored and sold books that have reached over 385,000 men. I meet men like me every day who want to become good husbands and fathers but have never been shown how to do it. I firmly believe God is turning the hearts of fathers to their children. Families will heal when a father's heart is turned back toward his children.

I’ve created this course to give men hope that, in Christ, we can become the husband and father our families need. You are here because you want to become the best husband and father you can be!

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